Areola Pigmentation

Get more satisfaction back – New nipples for breast cancer survivors

Women who’ve had breast cancer and a mastectomy just want to feel whole after their long journey back to health.

Unfortunately, many women lose their nipples during their mastectomy surgeries depending on how their cancer spread and doctor’s discretion.

This leaves women with the choice of having no nipple, their skin shaped into a projection that resembles a nipple, or having an areola grafted from skin on other parts of their body.
I want to help breast cancer survivors feel whole again by giving them areola tattoos.

“The women want to look like they did before their mastectomies,”
i perfectly mixes each color so it compliments the woman’s skin tone and uses 3-D effects to make it appear as if the nipple is protruding from their chest.

To the naked eye, the tattoos look exactly like natural goal is to give them three-dimensional looking areolas. The 3-D effect is created by light and shade,”.To see the resiliency and strength in some of these women having battled cancer is just remarkable. It’s pretty striking to see the reaction for something so small it ends up being very impactful to them. And when they look at themselves it makes them feel whole again.”