Important NOTE:
Entry only with FFP2 mask (purchase from us for € 2)
According to the law, all customers who are treated without a mask must have a negative Covid 19 test.

The test does not apply if the person
• has complete corona vaccination protection (the 2nd vaccination must be at least 14 days ago) and
• has no typical symptoms of an infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus such as cough, fever, runny nose, loss of smell or taste.
The operator of the facility must be provided with proof of complete vaccination protection in writing or electronically.

In all the above vaccines two vaccinations must be made in order to have the full corona vaccination.

After clarification with the country, there is no obligation to test for fully vaccinated people
(e.g. for appointment shopping / Click & Meet, for close to body services such as pedicures or at the hairdresser’s and in outdoor areas of zoological or botanical gardens)

If you don’t have a recent smear test, you can do one at our institute. We charge 5 euros for the test.


Please put on a FFP2 face mask ONLY!

It is important to me to comply with all newly defined occupational safety standards.I will take a very careful look at this topic and, if necessary, adjust it again and again so that all official requirements are met – and gladly beyond, because “hygiene” has always been a value that also played a central role “before Corona” took me.

I make sure that both myself and my customers will always keep the legally prescribed distance.

Please do not bring a second person with you. Not the girlfriend or boyfriend, not a family member and no children please.

Waiting places must be closed. Of course, we implemented this 1: 1.



All customers are obliged to wash their hands and disinfect them first after entering the cosmetic salon. Devices are set up. The beautician will of course also do this during the day and before and after each customer treatment.


Since science assumes that most infections are transmitted from the mouth through moisture, I would like to make all customers aware of this in order to minimize communication during work. We all want a lot of “normalcy” and of course we want to be able to laugh with our customers again. Fortunately, that wasn’t banned either. However, I think that at this stage it is appropriate to think about a certain “moderation” in communication.

All working materials are not only cleaned before and after use, but also disinfected. This also applies to all operator stations and storage areas. Disinfection dispensers are also available for customers.









Elke’s Day Spa
is now working with the latest microdermabrasion device from Ionto-Comed


With the microdermabrasion method from IONTO-COMED, fine, ultra-pure crystals remove parts of the top layer of skin effectively and in a controlled manner.

As a result, the skin is renewed from bottom to top. The basal layer is re-formed and the entire skin relief, including pores, is greatly refined.

Microdermabrasion treatment is the best method, with the exception of laser treatment, for skin with large pores
very refined

I offer microdermabrasion cures for this, with 6 treatments in a weekly rhythm for an extra price!


Elkes Day Spa helps
with the original GREEN PEEL® Herbal exfoliation for acne scars

Do you suffer from acne scars?

The GREEN PEEL herbal peeling CLASSIC

(very intensive exfoliation of biologically selected herbs, enzymes, minerals and vitamins)

brings excellent results in acne scars and acne marks (Pigmentation disorderscaused by not professional expressed pimples)

Before the GREEN PEEL herbal treatment


After the massage


After 6 days


Green Peel Herbal Peeling




Fake Face Freckles Tattoo


by Elkes Day Spa


Now there’s a new semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo option available, for those who dream of a splash of freckles across their face. Yes, fake freckle tattoos exist — and everyone seems to want them now.

I really don’t recommend tattooing the face—but once I saw that it worked out, and I liked the effect, I decided this treatment to offer for a wide range of clients.

I’d say for freckles, it’s clients who naturally will get some in the summertime with sun exposure, but want them year-long.”

Like microblading, the cosmetic tattoo is semi-permanent, and depending on the client (everyone is a little different), can last up

 to three years or yearly a touch up.

Depending on the condition of the skin, the freckles last up to 3 years. It is a semi-permanent tattoo. The trend is particularly prevalent in the US, Canada and Australia and is currently spilling over to Europe. The Freckle Tattoo by Elke’s Day Spa Ramstein will help make you a trendsetter.

And this is how the method works: 

First, the freckles are painted. They have to be set randomly so that they look natural in the end. Then comes the pigmenting machine, the latest from RISO, the Ri-soft® Liner Ultima. With a wafer-thin needle, very fine particles of color are gradually stung into the epidermis of the cheeks, nose or forehead. The procedure takes one to two hours, depending on how many freckles are desired.By the time it’s over, you’re going to be a red and a little swollen. ,

But worry not, because that feeling / look will not last much longer.

Because you will not be wearing any makeup for a few days, this new facial feature of yours is going to be on display. 

Up to three touch ups ( included in the price) are necessary, because at the beginning the freckles are set bright and rather more subtle.

And people who are accustomed to your face pre-freckles are going to sit up and stare for a second while they try to figure out what’s different about you.

The colors are organic, harmless to health produced and tested in Germany.

Price for Face: € 250

Prices for neck and decolleté available on request!

by calling 06371 59 80 888,

or best via Whats App on 0163-2602843

Elke’s Day Spa Ramstein is for all permanent make up interested from all parts of Rheinland Pfalz quickly and easily reached by train and car Parking around the Day Spa is available.




Elke´s Day Spa works from now on in the field of Permanent Make Up with the newest micro pigmentation system the high tech device

Ri-soft® Liner Ultima

The latest micro pigmentation system by Riso

Also known as permanent make up, micropigmentation is a innovative technic which consist in apply pigments to give color and the sensation of make up under the first skin layers. Thanks to this treatment it is possible to look perfect all day long.

The Ri-Soft lining method is the highest and best quality in the market. Ri-soft lining is designed to adapt the treatment to each person.  The pigmentation of Ri-Soft is almost painless and gives professional and naturell results.

More informations

Permanent Make-up




Instead of eyelash rolls, our silicone pads with a sensational protected 3D design are used as lash former for the Wimpernwelle lash lifting effect.

Eyelash lifting with tinting

€ 45



Clear and shine it’s Green Peel Time in Elkes Day Spa

What is a Green Peel and WHY would I like to have one?

I get a new skin in just 5 days.

The Green Peel herbal treatment has been consistently improved over the years. The result is natural treatment method, makes it possible to individually adapt treatments to your skin condition, with different amounts of herbal compounds.
Whether gently, actively or intensively peeling. You decide the goal of the treatment after you have been thoroughly examined by your aesthetician.

The benefits to the Green Peel are endless but here are a few reasons to convince you of the Green Peel treatment:

-Illuminates your skin for a radiant glow
-Stimulates circulation and leads to a natural improvement in skin’s texture.
-Reduces pore size
-Purifies skin

-Illuminates your skin for a radiant glow

-Stimulates circulation and leads to a natural improvement in skin’s texture.

-Regenerate your skin for a boost

-Reduces pore size

-Purifies skin



Call and book your GREEN PEEL treatment now!
Elke´s Day Spa
Phone: 06371 59 80 888
Cell Phone: 0163 26 028 43 also like Whats app


New Trend


Men for all ages can benefit thanks to this treatment and still maintain the masculine defined brows and youthful look. At Elke´s Day Spa we have the pleasure to welcome this new trend Microblading Brows for men that is not just for women!


If you have any questions call me 06371-59 80 888, also like Wats app!


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