Special offer – microblading

Microblading und Permanent Make-up
Eyebrows€ 270
Eyebrows + Upper Eyeliner€ 430
Eyebrows + Lower Eyeliner€ 390
Eyebrows + Upper and Lower Eyeliner€ 500
Eyebrows + Lips + Upper and Lower Eyeliner€ 780
Eyebrows + Lips + Upper Eyeliner€ 690
Eyebrows + Lips + Lower Eyeliner€ 650
Eyebrows + Lips€ 500

Combi prices are valid only for direct appointment and complete payment after the first treatment!

The necessary reworking to perfect the result, within 3 month, are included in the total price.

If you have questions about correcting existing pigmentation, scar camouflage, medical pigmentation or color refresh, please feel free to”contact” me.

Let me advise you on a confidential basis without obligation, individually and competently.


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